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mikailahautumn: i may be obsessed with your blog. ;) haha. i've been reblogging pretty much everything. oops. but really, gotta love AOL, and H50, of course. :D

Haha that’s cool! Go for it, Alex is one sexy fella :D

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Anonymous: Hey!! I got a bit shocked when I opened the aol tag too. I was in public :|... There's this lock sign near the tag.. It takes the dicks away.. And i think that's a good thing?? Have a nice day

Ooh ok thanks for the tip. no pun intended.

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Is it me or is Alex looking mighty fiiine ?

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DDK did this last year, now is Grace’s turn.

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Qualitywise it’s one of the worse pictures I have of him but then again… this is exactly what it looks like from your perspective when you high five a very happy Alex O’Loughlin with a pen in his mouth. So there you go.